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Netflix Inc's market capitalization has exceeded $ 100 billion for the first time
The Netflix Inc's market capitalization has exceeded $ 100 billion for the first time, due to an increase in the number of new subscribers to more than two million users than predicted by experts from the Wall Street. The increase in the number of customers has enabled the company that provides streaming video services on the Internet to triple its profit in the last three months of the past year.
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The US dollar quotations depreciation has helped the commodity asset "Gold" to approach the highest mark of the last 4 months
During today's trading session, the "Gold" asset prices have closely approached the highest level over the past 4 months, receiving support from the US dollar, whose quotations have been depreciated to their low for the past five weeks. At the moment, at the COMEX, the "Gold" asset quotations have added 0.72% (+9.3 points), reaching a mark up to $ 1332.10 per troy ounce.
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Trading session review in the European Securities Market as of January 10, 2018
The trading session on the European Securities Market has started today with the depreciation of the major indices of the region. At the time of this article writing, the EURO STOXX 50 stock index has lost 0.31%, CAC 40 has been depreciated by 0.19%, while the DAX 30 index has been depreciated by 0.32%. The British stock index FTSE 100 pleased that it did not succumb to the general trend and has been appreciated by 0.05%.
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Dynamics of prices for the commodity asset "Gold" following the results of Thursday's trading session
Following the results of the trading session on January 4, 2018, the quotations of the commodity asset "Gold" have slightly decreased compared to the final trading session of 2017. At the moment, the experts exclude the possibility of a sharp depreciation, as the foreign exchange market shows a decrease in investors' interest in the US Dollar, which is under serious pressure of weak economic statistics in the United States.
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Oil companies calculate profits after the next appreciation in the oil assets prices
During the final trading session in 2017, the companies from the oil industry have distinguished themselves by another increase in quotations due to the fact that the market is experiencing yet another wave of the oil prices and the related assets appreciation. The main reason for the prices appreciation has been the fall in the volume of raw materials stocks in the US storage facilities, as well as a decline in the American companies production.
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