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Weak US currency has ensured the growth of the “Gold” commodity asset quotations in the course of trading at the NYMEX
Since investors are somewhat skeptical about the prospect of finding out today the timing of another increase in the US Federal Reserve System key rate, the traders’ attention at the NYMEX has been switched to the raw material "Gold". As a result, the prices for this precious metal have been appreciated, while the USD quotations have been significantly depreciated.  
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Review of the trading session in the Asian Oil Market as of February 28, 2018
Today, the Asian oil market has been strongly influenced by the latest reports from the US and China. As a result, the quotations have been consistently depreciating, and by the time of closing of the trading platforms of the Asia-Pacific region, the futures contracts price for the benchmark North Sea Brent Crude Oil has reached the mark of $ 66.23 per barrel (-0.60%).
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Gold quotations have been depreciated by 0.17% following the results of trades on the COMEX (Commodity Exchange)
Following the results of trades on the COMEX (Commodity Exchange), a depreciation by 0.17% in the “Gold” asset futures contracts quotations has been noted. The asset price has been depreciated by 2.20 points, reaching the mark of 1.330.50 per troy ounce. The “Gold” commodity asset is currently traded within the price range from 1.322,90 to 1.354,00 per troy ounce.
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Trading sessions results on the largest Asian stock exchanges
This Wednesday, trading on the stock exchanges of the Asia-Pacific region has been marked by the key indicators appreciation. The Taiwan stock index dynamics, which has shown the most significant appreciation since September 2016, should be especially noted. It should not be forgotten that the PRC stock exchanges are still closed due to the New Year celebration according to the Lunar calendar.
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