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The situation in the foreign exchange market following the results of the trading session on the July 1 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Following the results of the trading session on the July 1 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the US dollar's positions have strengthened against the Japanese yen. By the trading session close, the USD / JPY has been traded at the mark of 112.53, which means an increase of 0.11%. According to market experts, the support level has now reached the mark of 111.71. The mark of 112.94 serves as the resistance point.
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Dynamics of the Main Stock Indexes of the Wall Street by the Thursday’s trading session results
By the Thursday’s trading session results, the following situation has developed on the Wall Street: major stock indexes have gone into the red due to weak reporting in the technological sector and in the areas of consumer goods and telecommunications. By the end of the trading session on the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones index has lost 0.78%, the S & P 500 index has been in the red at 0.86%, and the NASDAQ Composite index has depreciated by 1.44%. The volatility index of the CBOE Volatility Index has added 14.56%, gaining a foothold at the level of 11.49.
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Multidirectional trends during the trading session at the US stock exchanges
During the trading session at the US stock exchanges on Monday, the indices showed mixed trends, which allows traders to react more flexibly today in conditions of low inflation rate in the US. At the end of the day, the stock indices of the S & P 500 and Dow have been marked by a rather weak appreciation of the components. A sharp decline in the quotations of securities of the high-tech sector companies has been the impetus for the NASDAQ stock index depreciation. All the attention of traders and investors is now directed towards the more stable assets acquisition.
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Situation on the stock markets of the Asian-Oceanian countries by the results of the Monday’s, June 26, 2017, trading session
During today's trading session on the stock exchanges of the Asia-Pacific region, experts have fixed the strengthening of the major indices positions, which became possible due to the growth of securities quotations of the companies in the high-tech sector, as well as strengthening the value of commodity assets (oil, metals, etc.). It should be noted that there are no trading sessions in the Muslim countries today.
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Situation in the foreign exchange market prior to the start of the trading session on the European stock exchanges
Prior to the start of the trading session on the European stock exchanges, the quotations of the US dollar in relation to the trade-weighted basket of world currencies has moved away from the maximum month mark. The main reason lies in the reduction in the US bonds yield, which support the trend towards a drop caused by cheap oil quotations. The trading session on Wednesday will also be marked by investors' uncertainty about the stability of the pound sterling, whose quotations are balanced at the lowest mark over the past two months. The fall of the pound was the result of a speech by the head of the Bank of England, who spoke against the growth of the interest rate.
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Investors under the pressure of market conditions dump oil assets
Oil quotations have declined during the today's trading session on the ATP stock exchanges to the lowest level for the last seven months. The reason lies in the fact that investors, being under pressure from market conditions, are forced to drop oil assets. Increasingly obvious signs of an increase in inventory levels offset all the efforts of OPEC + 11 to raise prices for "black gold" at an acceptable level for them.
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What has the first trading session on the stock exchanges of the Asia-Pacific region been noted?
The Japanese stock Nikkei 225 has added 0.6%. The Topix index has also appreciated by 0.6%. The South Korean KOSPI index has risen by 0.4%, the Australian S & P / ASX 200 has added 0.3%. The Chinese stock index Shanghai Composite has been in the black at 0.6%, the Shenzhen Composite has appreciated by 0.5%. The Hong Kong's Hang Seng index has shown confidence, adding 1% to the trading results.
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The US Federal Reserve System meeting has a strong impact on investors
The US currency exchange rate has depreciated during the Wednesday’s trading session, as investors are under strong pressure from the upcoming US Federal Reserve System meeting, which is expected to decide on strengthening the key rate. At the same time, traders hope to recognize the signals of the regulator about what other actions will soon be undertaken as part of the plan to reduce the balance.
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Review of the dynamics of the main stock indexes of Wall Street as of June 12, 2017
On Monday, the trading session on the Wall Street stock markets was marked by a decline in major US indices. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the high-tech indices of Nasdaq Composite and Standard & Poor's 500 have closed in the red for the second consecutive session, against the backdrop of the still ongoing dumping of securities of companies from the "smart technologies" sector. The Dow Jones Industrial Average stock index has  supported the trend, departing from the record marks.
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Following the meeting of the Saudi Arabian and Russian energy ministers, the oil quotations demonstrate a steady growth
At the first trading session of this week on the stock exchanges of the Asia-Pacific region countries, the oil quotations have demonstrated a steady growth, which is explained by the positive outcome of the meeting of the Saudi Arabian and Russian energy ministers. Analysts believe that this week will be positive for traders who prefer the oil assets trading, since there are all signs that supply and demand are equalizing, which will lead to the status quo restoration on the market.
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Cautious actions of investors on the Australian stock market have has led to the AUD appreciation against the world's major currencies
The Wednesday’s trading session on the Australian stock market has been closed by the AUD appreciation. The growth has become possible due to positive economic data in the sphere of gold mining, medical services and television and radio communications. By the close of the trading session on the Sydney Stock Exchange, the S & P / ASX 200 Index had appreciated by 0.07%.
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Main Commodity Assets Quotations as of June 6, 2017
On Monday, during the trading session on the Wall Street, the futures quotations for natural gas showed weakness, falling after the oil prices of. For example, during trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, July natural gas futures contracts are traded at the mark of $ 2.994 per million BTU (British thermal unit), which means a depreciation by 0.17% compared to the Friday's results. By the trading beginning on the European exchanges, the "Natural gas" commodity asset has found support at the level of $ 2,937, while the resistance point has been at the mark of $ 3,172.
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