The final trading session of the last week was marked by a sharp increase in the quotations of the commodity asset "Gold", which reached the highest level since the beginning of February 2019. The catalyst for these developments was a decrease in the rate of inflation and poor performance of the financial report that made the main monetary authority of the United States to take a pause on further interest rate growth.

Gold (Comex)

At the close of the trading session on COMEX, April gold futures contracts reached $1318.25 per Troy ounce, which means an increase of 0.33% or $4.35. During trading, the asset has managed to grow to $1322,95, which is the highest figure since 04.02.2019.

Analysts of the US Federal reserve believe that the latest financial and economic reports convincingly prove the fact that in the near future the next increase in the interest rate is an extremely risky step. In support of this position, they cited data that show the most significant decline in retail sales in the United States over the past nine years.

In addition, in the first month of this year, the consumer price index showed zero growth compared to the previous month. Low inflation forces the fed to abandon plans to increase interest rates soon. Neither does the "black out", which indicates a crisis of trust between the White House and the Capitol, between the US President and Congress, add optimism.

Regarding other assets, it should be noted the positive dynamics of futures contracts for silver, which were fixed at $ 15,578 per Troy ounce (+0,32%). Copper futures contracts increased to $2,783 per pound (+0.32%). Platinum rose in price to $ 792.5 per Troy ounce (+0.42%), while palladium gained a foothold at $1407.5 per Troy ounce (+1.56%).

Silver (Comex)

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