During the trading session on Friday, February gold futures went down 0.71% (-0.47 p.), Reaching $1,258.95 per troy ounce. The reason was a significant increase in quotations of the US dollar, as a result of the actions of the US Federal Reserve. The currency regulator has once again increased interest rates by a quarter of a point. At the same time, the stock exchanges reacted negatively, as a result of which, the indices of both American and Asian stock indices decreased.

Gold (Comex)

Also, in the course of trading on the COMEX exchange, there was a decrease in quotations and other precious metals. Silver quotes fell 1.20% or 0.179 points, reaching $14.690 per troy ounce. Platinum quotations reached $789.05 per troy ounce, which means a decline of 0.85% or 6.75 points.

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