The next trading session closed with negative results for the commodity asset "Gold". At this point, during the trading on the COMEX stock exchange, gold fell in price to $1,238.40 per troy ounce (-0.72% or 9.0 p.).

Gold (Comex)

The main reason for the fall in quotations is the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve; it intends to strengthen the interest rate by 25 points by the end of this year. Analysts believe that the probability of an increase in the rate in the current month is 79.2%.

Strengthening of USD quotes, as a rule, negatively affects the value of gold. The reason is that gold is traded in US dollars, and any fluctuation in the exchange rate immediately affects the price of the commodity asset.

As for other assets, we are in a hurry to announce a drop in silver prices during the Friday trading session. At the New York Mercantile Exchange, this asset lost 1.67% or 0.248 p., reaching $14.607 per troy ounce. Prices for palladium reached $1,159.15 per troy ounce (-2.65% or 31.40 p.).

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