Gold is losing value, and this is a clear trend that cannot be overlooked. Despite the fact that for many years many countries of the world have sought to protects their assets by investing in gold bars, now the situation is changing dramatically. Most developed countries are investing in high technology and incentive legislation to attract more foreign capital. Gold has become a relic of the past, attracting predominantly backward countries with a commodity economy. If you look at the statistics, we will see that since 1952, the United States has steadily reduced its gold reserves, sending money to highly profitable high technologies.

Today, by the time of the close of the trading session on the Comex commodity exchange (a division of the New York Stock Exchange), gold has lost in the price of 0.36% or 4.50 points, reaching $1.234.10 per troy ounce. Ounce of silver fell by 0.05% or 0.01 p., to $14.77. Platinum, in the course of trading on the commodity market, added 0.23% or 1.99 p. in price to $861.31 per troy ounce.

Gold (Comex)

Platinum Spot

Analysts predict that next week the same trend in gold prices will not change. Investor demand for high-risk assets will only spur a downtrend in gold prices. Do not miss the opportunity to get an accurate forecast from the consultants of the companies from the list of the best binary options brokers!