According to the last reports of Volvo, the profit of the company for the last quarter considerably exceeded all forecasts of analysts which were about policy of the new owner quite skeptic. Last quarter the profit of Volvo increased to the level of $1,13 billion.

The car maker from Sweden managed to get more money as a result of the thought-over strategy a job in the market of cargo and special cars which compete with success in the markets of the USA and Europe. The next year will make for the company still big profit if to trust the updated forecasts.

The division of the company which is engaged in development and release of cargo and special cars (including the construction equipment, buses and engines) has all reasons to believe that production of the company will be still in great demand, especially in North America. It is worth to remember also what the companies has the plant and in the territory of the USA what helps to avoid problems with duties.

Further growth of the company considerably depends on a condition of the American economy. If the management manages to use correctly a situation in the USA, it is necessary to believe that Volvo will be able to take considerable market size in the most perspective for itself the region of the world.

VOLVB Stockholm Stock Quote

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