The crisis between the US and Iran, which could soon be further aggravated by the embargo on oil exports, plays into the hands of traders and investors. Already it is noticeable how the prices in the world oil market grow, but soon the dynamics of the growth of quotations can significantly accelerate. It is likely that we can witness how the prices for "black gold" will reach the level of 2013.

If the policies of the OPEC countries remain unchanged, the world economy may again face a supply shortage, which is beneficial only to the countries that signed the OPEC + 11 treaty, which has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the situation.

At the time of closing of the trading platforms on the Asia-Pacific commodity market, the value of futures contracts for the reference Brent crude oil reached $ 81.66 per barrel (+ 1.08% or 0.85 points). Quotations for futures for US crude WTI reached $ 72.47 per barrel, which means an increase of 1.26% or 0.90 p. Compared with the initial mark of the day.

Brent Crude

WTI Crude Oil

We remind you that the American president in the first half of the year said that he had finally decided to break the nuclear deal with Iran, adding that the US would resume the sanctions regime against that country, including an embargo on oil exports. Sanctions will come into force in early November this year.

According to analysts, already now the volume of export of raw materials from Iran decreased by one million barrels per day, reaching a level of 2 million barrels. Thanks to this, yesterday at the Dubai Commodity Exchange, an oil barrel from Oman cost a little more than $ 90 per barrel. And this despite the fact that according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the volume of oil production in the US last week reached a maximum of 11.1 million barrels per day, which is an absolute record for the US oil sector.

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