The trading session in the oil markets of the Asian region was marked by a rather restrained price dynamics and a low activity of investors, who preferred to wait after Donald Trump addressed the largest oil exporters from the Persian Gulf.

By the time of this writing, quotes of futures for oil of the Brent benchmark have added 0.34% or 0.27 p., Reaching $ 78.897 per barrel. Quotations for futures for US light oil WTI reached $ 70.44 per barrel (0.17% or 0.12 points). The cost of a barrel of oil futures on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) reached 元 522.0.

Brent Crude

WTI Crude

Yesterday, the whole world witnessed how the President of the United States severely criticized the price policy of the OPEC cartel. He openly stated that he considers the actions of the cartel as nothing more than a price collusion, directed against the interests of ordinary consumers. In his speech, Donald Trump urged the countries of the Persian Gulf to abandon the rigid regulation of the market, we recall that the United States in the future will be forced to provide military assistance only to partners who are its allies and from an economic point of view.

For the President of the United States and the Republican Party, such aspects as oil prices in the country and the world are especially important right now, as soon as elections for the Congress are due.

These statements by Donald Trump will be the main topic of talks on Sunday, when the meeting of the ministers of the OPEC + 11 countries will take place. The meeting will also discuss issues related to the dynamics of the oil market, as well as the distribution of quotas for the extraction of raw materials, taking into account the embargo on the supply of oil from Iran.

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