Trading session of the environment in the stock market of the Asia-Pacific region was marked by mixed results for Chinese companies, whose shares were closed in different directions. Let's note that fact that the most negative dynamics was noted by the companies of high-tech sector, which thus reacted to President Trump's call to Apple to transfer all of its production from China to the US.

By the close of trading on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shanghai Composite stock index has lost 0.33%, dropping to its lowest point in 52 weeks. The volatility index of CBOE China Etf Volatility stayed at 25.03. The stock index of SZSE Component lost 0.70%.

The most positive dynamics among the components of the Shanghai Composite were securities of companies such as Zhejiang Rongsheng Environmental Protection Paper Co Ltd (+ 10.00%), Ningbo Fuda Co Ltd (+ 10.00%), Guizhou Guihang Automotive Components Co Ltd (+10, 00%) and Tc Medical Inv (+ 5.16%).

SHCOMP Quote - Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index

Shares of companies such as Jonjee Hi-tech Industrial and Commercial Holding Co Ltd (-5.81%) and Laobaixing Pharmacy Chain Joint Stock Co (-5.16%) were negative.

In general, following the results of trades on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the total number of securities that went up in price (736) was much higher than the number of all shares that were closed in the red (586). The cost of 123 shares remained near the initial mark of the day.

Analysts predict that in the medium term, shares of Chinese companies, which are most oriented to export products, will lose their positions. For more accurate information, we recommend consulting the analysts of companies from the list of the best binary option brokers!