On the world market of raw materials today there is a drop in investors' interest in gold as one of the main reserve assets. Despite the fact that there is no significant growth in the USD index on the currency market, bidders are not in a hurry to buy out options for gold.

During trading on the COMEX commodity exchange (a subdivision of the New York Stock Exchange), December gold futures contracts fell 0.07% or 0.90 p., Reaching $ 1.201.30 per troy ounce.  In the short term, experts estimate the chances of growth of quotations as insignificant. Most likely, the asset will be traded in the currency corridor $ 1.192,70 - $ 1.204,50.

Gold (Comex)

Also, during trading on the COMEX exchange, analysts noted the growth of December silver futures contracts, which added 0.33% or 0.047 points to the level of $ 14.200 per troy ounce. December contracts for platinum strengthened to $ 791.30 per troy ounce (+ 0.25% or 2.00 points).

Silver (Comex)

The USD index, which shows the strength of the US dollar against the weighted average trading basket of the six major world currencies, added 0.01% or 0.01 p., Reaching a level of $ 95.06.

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