The trading session Thursday brought a lotpositive news for oil companies. Oil quotes are surely added, thanks to analysts' forecasts regarding the volumes of "black gold" on American raw materials stores.

By now, futures contracts for Brent crude oil for November delivery have added 0.40% or 0.31 points, reaching $ 77.58 per barrel. The price October futures contracts for the US oil brand WTI has strengthened to $ 68.81 per barrel (0.13% or 0.09 p.).

Brent Crude

WTI Crude

According to experts from the list of the best binary option brokers, the US Department of Energy official report for 2.9 million US dollars. barrels.

It should be noted that since the announcement that the US government has not stepped back from imposing sanctions against the Iranian Republic, more companies are abandoning previously concluded contracts for the supply of oil, because they do not want to fall under the control of US financial institutions. More recently, it became known that, in addition to French and Japanese companies, Indian importers also terminated previously concluded agreements with the Iranians.

If something unusual does not happen in the near future, the list will be replenished, since no one wants to get under the sanctions American state bodies.

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The fall of the dollar stimulates the growth of quotations for gold

The session trading on the world securities market for gold, which was triggered mainly by the fall the USD. In addition, two days ago, the commodity asset "Gold" stubbornly adhered to a downtrend, and it seemed that in the short term there are no prerequisites to the fact that the situation will change.

Gold (Comex)

Silver (Comex)

At the time of this writing, the December gold futures contract added 0.62% or 7.40.