While studying the Friday’s trading session results at the Asia-Pacific region (APR) main stock exchanges, the experts of the companies, listed in the Top Binary Options Brokers section, have noted the fact that the indices showed a multidirectional trend. This is a positive shift, smoothed the impression of the general negative trend this week which slightly, during which the experts have recorded a decline to the low mark since the end of March this year. The main reason for the negative trend is the President Donald Trump statements, who has announced that the US will impose additional duties of $ 200 billion on the imported Chinese goods.

It is not surprising that this statement has caused a reaction from Beijing, which left the right to respond to such a step. Many analysts believe that such a US policy has a far-reaching goal, namely, to prevent China from becoming a global high-tech leader. It is for this purpose namely that Chinese state corporations buy up controlling stakes in high-tech companies around the world, especially those who are of strategic importance to the largest Western economies.

By the time of the trading platforms closure, the stock index of the ATR MSCI Asia Pacific had lost 0.2%. In general, this indicator has been depreciated by 2.3% since the beginning of this week. The Japanese stock index Nikkei 225 has consolidated its positions by 0.1%, the wider Topixhas lost about 0.5% since the beginning of the session. The Hang Seng Index (Hong Kong) has been appreciated by 0.15%, while the basic Chinese stock index, Shanghai Composite, has been appreciated by 0.14%.

MSCI AC Asia Pacific Index

Nikkei 225 Index

Hong Kong Hang Seng Index

The main Indian index Sensex has unexpectedly added 0.7%. The KOSPI index (South Korea) has been in the black at up 0.6% and the Jakarta Composite stock index is located in the red zone, losing 0.3%. The S & P / ASX 200 Index (Australia) has been depreciated by 0.1%.

It should be noted that the leading bank of Singapore shares and those of its DBS capitalization largest company have sharply been depreciated by 1.3%. The statistical reports for the II quarter of this year (Q2 2018) has served the reason for such an unexpected result.

Against this background, the Axsesstoday, the Australian Financial and Technology Company securities have unexpectedly been well-traded, the quotations of which had added 2.049% to the level of 2.490 by this time. This indicator has been their high since February this year.

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