While considering the experts reports, we have noted a significant appreciation in the key indicators of the US stock market following the results of the trading session on Tuesday. The most significant appreciation has been recorded by the stock index Dow Jones Industrial Average, which has gained 567.02 points or 2.33%, reaching the mark of 24912.77. It should be specially emphasized that the last time such appreciation was recorded at the very beginning of 2016. The Standard & Poor's 500 Stock Index has been appreciated by 1.74% (+46.2 points), gaining a foothold at the mark of 2694.14. The Nasdaq Composite Index has been in the black at 2.13% (+148.36 points), reaching the level of 7115.88.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Index

S&P 500 Index

However, it is not known whether such dynamics will be able to calm the investors, who have observed the most significant depreciation in the indices since 2011 on Monday. The country's top leadership demonstrates the Olympic calm, assuring the market participants that such a situation is commonplace for the market and there is no danger to the USA economy.

While some experts argue that the sharp depreciation in key US stock market indicators has been caused by fears about inflation and the accelerated rate of interest rate increase, others see the reason for the incredulity of bears who are cautious about the tendency to appreciate the most USA companies’ shares quotations.

Another alarm for the stock market was the latest report on the deficit of the US foreign trade balance, which has been appreciated more significantly than analysts had forecasted (+ 5.3%), and totaled $ 53.1 billion for the last month of the last year.

The Micron Technology Company has noted the most significant appreciation, whose shares sharply gained more than 11%. The reason lies in the investors’ interest, which have been stimulated by the KeyBanc Capital with the recommendation on securities to the "upscale market level."
The automaker General Motors securities quotations have been appreciated by 5.9%. The Allergan medicines producer securities quotations have been appreciated by about 2%.

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