On Wednesday, the American stock market recorded mixed dynamics of the country's main stock indices. For example, the Dow Jones stock index closed the session at its high triumphantly, while the NASDAQ index fell sharply, having set a three-month drop record for one session. The S & P 500 stock index remained virtually unchanged.

According to the Wednesday’s results, the companies’ securities from the financial sector were in the most advantageous situation, while high-tech brands mostly closed in the red zone. In the opinion of experts of companies from Top Binary Options Brokers section, the reason for such a dynamic lies in the possibility that the US Federal Reserve System will announce a key rate increase soon. There is a high probability that US lawmakers will approve a tax reform plan as well that will have a stimulating effect on the state's economy, due to the federal government's refusal to take excessive measures to regulate markets and reduce taxes on business.

The Dow Jones stock index has gained 0.44% for the day, gaining a foothold at the mark of 23.940.68. The S & P 500 stock index has reached the level of 2.626.07, after it had lost 0.04%. The Nasdaq Composite Index has been sharply depreciated to the level of 6.824.34, losing 1.27% compared with the Tuesday’s results.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Index

NASDAQ Composite Index

S&P 500 Index

At the end of the day, we have noted that Netflix shares "slipped" by as much as 5.5%. On Wednesday, the securities quotations of such companies as Alphabet, Apple, Amazon and Facebook lost from 2 to 4% of their original cost. The US stock market industrial sector has recorded an appreciation by 0.9%, thanks to the strengthening of stock prices of such companies as Union Pacific, Southwest Airlines and UPS.

There is a major recovery in the banking sector, which allowed to achieve an appreciation by 1.8%, which is a record indicator compared with the same indicator of the last year. The value of the JP Morgan ordinary shares has been appreciated by 2.3%. The Wells Fargo's share price has been appreciated by 2%. The large retailers’ securities have been in the black, which is not surprising, given that now is the holiday sales height. Against this background, Target shares have added 8.9%, while Macy's securities have been appreciated by 8.2%.

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