On Monday, by the time of closing of the trading platforms of the Asia-Pacific region countries, the main stock indexes had been marked by negative dynamics of quotations. The reason for the downward trend has been the situation on the stock market of China, where the decline in the majority of shares of large high-tech giants has been noted. It should be especially emphasized that in this sector the decline has been observed for more than one week, with a short break during the trading session on Friday.

According to the results of the day, the analysts have recorded a decline in the main Japanese stock index, Nikkei 225, which has been depreciated by 0.4%.  The Hong Kong index of Hang Seng has been in the red at 0.5%, while the base index of mainland China, Shanghai Composite, has been fallen back by as much as 0.8%. The largest decline has been demonstrated by the stock index of South. Korea, KOSPI, which has been depreciated by as much as 1.3%. Under these conditions, the Australian S & P / ASX 200 index has managed to gain 0.1%, which is quite surprising considering how dependent the Green Continent's economy is on the Chinese market.

S&P ASX 200 Index

Korea Stock Exchange KOSPI Index

Such indicators as the CSI 300 Index (China), which has been depreciated by 1.3% due to the collapse of technology giants BOE Technology (-8%) and ZTE Corp. (-6.5%) quotations, deserve greater attention recently. Kweichow Moutai Co. shares dynamics (production of alcoholic beverages) has slightly improved (+ 0.2%) after their value stead depreciation since mid-November for the simple reason that the official news agency of the Government of the People's Republic of China, Xinhua, considered the company's market price strengthening to be excessively fast. At the moment, the risk that large investors will decide to drop their stake is still quite large, as the value of assets has approached the historic high, and market confidence has been minimized due to ambiguities about the government's intentions.

The overall situation on the Chinese securities market is such that the most likely scenario of the trading session on Tuesday is the adherence to the downtrend, however, by the middle of the week, the situation should level off. Stock indices of other countries in the Asia-Pacific region are likely to show a steady growth, as analysts of the Top Binary Options Brokers section are confident in their calculations, which point to the positive economic statistics of Australia, South Korea, Japan and India.

It should be emphasized that in the second half of the week the markets will receive updated statistics on the volume of industrial production in Japan and South Korea. Reports on the volume of investment in the private sector should come from Australia, while from India, data on GDP for the third quarter of 2017 (Q3 2017) is expected.

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