Nikkei 225, the main stock index of Japan, has closed the Monday’s trading session in the red zone. The index has lost 0.62% since the stock exchange opening. The reason for the Nikkei 225 depreciation is the unsatisfactory statistics of the largest electric and gas companies, as well as the fall in securities quotations of enterprises operating in the pulp and paper industry and in the water supply sector. The volatility index, the Nikkei Volatility Index, has been appreciated up to the mark of 20.06 (+ 4.42%).

Nikkei 225 Index

The most negative dynamics has been marked for the Toshiba Corp. securities, whose quotations have been depreciated to the level of 274.5 (-5.83%). The DeNA Co. Ltd. shares quotations have reached the level of 2.689.0 (-4.00%) by the end of the day.

The situation was different for the Fujikura Ltd. shares, whose value has been appreciated by 57.0 points (+ 6.01%), reaching the mark of 1.005.0. The MS & AD Insurance Group Holdings securities have been appreciated by as much as 204.0 points (+ 5.51%), having strengthened at the mark of 3.500.0. Today, the record value of the shares has been made for the Denki Kagaku Kogyo K.K. whose quotations have been consolidated to the level of 4.055.0 (+ 4.24%). The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. shares quotations have added 200.0 points (3.45%), with the final result of 6.000.0.

The total number of shares that have strengthened their positions (advancers) during the trading session on the Tokyo Stock Exchange has reached the mark of 2162, which is much higher than the number of securities being traded in the red – decliners (1136). At the end of the day, the positions of 200 securities have been marked by the neutral dynamics.

Toshiba Corp. intends to solve the accumulated problems of the company by attracting about $ 5.4 billion through the securities package selling, which can serve as the only way to circumvent delisting. At the same time, such a step will mean that at least 30 foreign investors will receive 35% of the company's shares at their full disposal. The money is now needed by Toshiba in order to pay off all the debts of the American division Westinghouse (nuclear power).

Previously, Toshiba's Board of Directors had intended to use money from the sale of its memory chip manufacturing division to repay the Westinghouse debts, but it all indicates that the transaction will not receive antitrust regulators approval until April 2018.

The January futures contracts for the US WTI Crude Oil have been in the red by 0.21%, dropping to the level of $ 56.59 per barrel. The January futures contracts for the Brent Crude Oil have been depreciated to the mark of $ 62.54 per barrel (-0.29%). The December gold futures contract have been depreciated to the level of $ 1.291.57 per troy ounce (-0.38%).

WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)

Brent Crude (ICE)

The USD / JPY currency pair has lost 0.06% against the results of the Friday’s trading session, being depreciated to the mark of 112.02. The value of the EUR/JPY Forex pair has been depreciated by 0.40%, being down to the level of 131.63. The USD Index, which shows the strength of the US dollar against the weighted average trading basket of the six major world currencies, has been appreciated to the level of 93.78 (+ 0.18%).