While studying the final results of the trading session on the stock markets of the Asia-Pacific region, one can easily understand that the downtrend trend is dominant now. The companies from the energy sector have been affected to a greater extent and as a result of the quotation of securities traded mainly in the red zone. As an example, we should consider the Japan Petroleum shares dynamics, which have lost as much as 4% by the close of the session.

The Nikkei Stock Index 225 (Japan): -1.4%; Topix (Japan): -1.8%; Hang Seng (Hong Kong): -0.7%, Shanghai Composite (China): -0.6%; KOSPI (South Korea): -0.3%; S & P / ASX 200 (Australia): -0.6%; BSE Sensex 30 (India): -0.2%. The MSCI Asia Pacific Consolidated Index has lost 0.9 % by the end of the day.

Nikkei 225 Index

Hang Seng Composite Index

The fact that the yesterday's report on the oil volume in the US storage facilities proved the maximum increase in the stock of raw materials in the last eight months has led to a sharp drop in the oil assets quotations. At the close of trading, the shares of the Inpex oil company have fallen in price by 3.6%. The Chinese giant PetroChina has collided with the securities quotations depreciation at the level of 1.7%.

Despite the Japan's indices depreciation, the country's economy is on the rise, which proves the statistics. During the seventh quarter of the year, the numbers are increasing, and there are no prerequisites for assuming that the situation will soon change radically. It is alarming that growth cannot be held at an endless level, but the news that the Trans-Pacific partnership can resume without US participation gives Japanese investors confidence.

The problems with the iPhone X displays operation in low-temperature conditions have led to a serious decrease in the profit (-39%) of Foxconn Technology in the last quarter.

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