On Monday, the European stock exchanges trading sessions once again have demonstrated the fact that the EU economy engine is still the German economy. It should also be said that despite the apparent reluctance of the leaders of the separatist movement in Catalonia, more and more residents of the autonomy begin to express their disagreement about the position of the rebels to declare the independence of the region from Spain. Among other things, large autonomy companies expressed support for the central authorities, who announced that they intend to transfer their head offices and production facilities to other Spanish provinces. As a result, market players have supported the demand for shares of Spanish companies, which had a positive impact on the final position of the main stock index of Spain. The IBEX 35 index has marked the most significant growth today, gaining as much as 0.7%. The investors have been convinced by the yesterday's mass demonstration in Barcelona, where several hundred thousand Spaniards demanded the unity of the country and the preservation of Catalonia as part of Spain.

IBEX 35 Index

Today, the strongest signals have come from the statistical agency of Germany. It follows from the published report that the total volume of industrial production in the leading economic power of the EU have increased by 2.6% in August this year, if we compare it with the results of July. This has been the most significant increase in monthly terms for the past six years. As a result, by the end of the first half of the day, the German stock index DAX has been appreciated by 0.1%.


During today's trading session, the main index of France, CAC 40, has lost 0.1%, demonstrating some solidarity with the UK stock index FTSE 100, which has been depreciated by the same 0.1 percent. The consolidated index of the largest enterprises in the region, Stoxx Europe 600, has been appreciated by 0.1%, reaching the mark of 389.96 points.

CAC 40 Index

The quotations of securities of the French company Accor SA have been appreciated by 0.1% after the hotel operator announced its intention to purchase Mantra Group Ltd., an operator with a network of 125 hotels in Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, for $ 900 million.
The shares prices of the well-known manufacturer of network equipment Ericsson have sharply gained 1.2% today, amid the news that the Electrolux president and CEO positions will be succeeded by Jonas Samuelson, currently head of the business area Electrolux Major Appliances Europe, Middle East and Africa; he has previously been the head of Electrolux Global Operations and prior also held the role as Group Chief Financial Officer.
The French bank Credit Agricole has announced its interest in the German Commerzbank. Against this background, the value of securities of one of the most important bank brands of the FRG has been appreciated by 0.4%. Now the markets should evaluate how real such a deal is, and whether this is an attempt of the French company to pay attention to its own assets.
In addition, the market layers did not ignore the securities of Spanish banks CaixaBank SA and Banco de Sabadell SA, whose value has jumped by 2%, after their owners announced their intention to move the central offices from the autonomous Catalonia, in an effort to secure assets in case of the province separation from Spain.
Today, the Swiss concern LafargeHolcim has demonstrates excellent dynamics in the world market, due to which its shares have risen in price by 0.5%. The confidence in the company's course, coupled with an early change in the CFO, allow the concern to demonstrate the quotations positive dynamics on the following days as well.
The value of securities of the medical equipment manufacturer Smith & Nephew Plc has been depreciated by 0.7%, amid signals that a change in the company's management will take place soon.
The shares of commodity companies Randgold Resources and Fresnillo have been appreciated today, gaining 1% and 1.1%, respectively. The trading session has been unsuccessful for securities of other well-known commodity market brands, among which Rio Tinto (-0.8%), Anglo American (-0.8%) and Glencore (-0.5%) are especially notable. The value of the Randgold Resources and the Fresnillo shares has been appreciated mainly due to the rise in gold prices caused by the anxiety of market participants regarding the ongoing provocations of North Korea and the promised tough answer to D. Trump. As a result, the market has reacted to the increased demand for reserve assets.
It should be noted that a gold troy ounce has been traded at the level of $ 1.281.61 today, demonstrating a significant appreciation compared to the Friday’s trading session results ($ 1.275.30). The December futures contract for gold has added as much as $ 9.4, to the level of $ 1.2843 per troy ounce. The commodity asset "Silver" has reached a mark of $ 16.91 per ounce during today's trading session, strengthening its positions in comparison with the Friday’s results ($ 16.77). In addition, there has been an appreciation in other precious metals prices. Palladium has been appreciated to the mark of $ 927.20, while platinum has been traded at the mark of $ 917.40.

Gold (Comex)

Silver (Comex)

Today, the USD index, which shows the strength of the US dollar against the weighted average trading basket of the six major world currencies, has been depreciated due to the ongoing "war of declarations" between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump. In response to D. Trump's words that North Korea could soon get a tough response to provocations against the US, the DPRK leader announced that there was no more powerful deterrent for his country than nuclear weapons.
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