In Spain, the biggest internal political crisis has been brewing since the death of Dictator Franco in 1975. On Sunday, in the Spanish province of Catalonia, a referendum, unrecognized by the central authorities of the country, was held, the results of which gave grounds to the government of the autonomy to declare its intention to proclaim independence from Spain. According to the Government of the Autonomous Province, more than 90% of voters supported the full sovereignty of Catalonia. It should be noted that most of the region's inhabitants did not take part in the plebiscite of independence from Spain, since it supports the position of the central authorities. According to the polls, only 41% of the inhabitants of the province favor separating the region from Spain.
At Sunday's referendum, the turnout was approximately 42%. Based on these results, the head of the central government of the country Mariano Rajoy rejected the likelihood of recognizing the independence of the province, having made a proposal to hold talks with the leaders of the separatists.
In addition, yesterday there were clashes between supporters of the declaration of independence and the Spanish police, which affected at least 800 people.
At the moment, one should expect the decision of the Parliament of Catalonia, in which competence is the question of the province sovereignty, according to the law on referendum. The catch is that the central government of the country declared this law to be contrary to the provisions of the Spanish Constitution.
The head of the autonomous government, Carles Puigdemont, has announced that as a result of the clashes with the Spanish police, 844 people were injured. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Spain, 12 police officers suffered on Sunday, having received injuries of varying severity in the confrontation with aggressive demonstrators. The Catalan separatists have already announced that the central government of Spain is responsible for the clashes. Carles Puigdemont has delivered an address to the heads of EU countries, in which he urges to put pressure on Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.
The violent confrontation between the police forces and the demonstrators has provoked controversial responses from the foreign policy departments of the EU countries. For example, the British foreign secretary has expressed concern that the situation had reached the use of force, but supported the position that the central government of Spain had taken, which refused to recognize the results of the referendum, which does not take into account the opinion of the majority of the population of Catalonia.
Since the beginning of the European trading session on Monday, Spain's stock index IBEX 35 has lost 0.86%. The European stock index EURO STOXX 50 has added 0.34%, the French CAC 40 index has strengthened its positions by 0.12%, and the German DAX 30 has been appreciated by 0.49%. The trading session at the UK stock markets has been marked by a positive trend of the main market indicators. The stock index FTSE 100 has been appreciated by 0.29%, mainly due to the strengthening of the quotations of securities EasyJet PLC, which has already been marked for two sessions in a row. Futures on the stock index Dow Jones Industrial Average added 0.13%, futures on the S & P 500 index in positive territory at 0.10%. The futures on the stock index NASDAQ had gained 0.07% by noon. The single European currency, paired with the US dollar, being under strong pressure as a result of the referendum results announcement, has been depreciated by 0.4%, reaching a mark of $ 1.1767.
By the end of the first half of the day, on the European stock exchanges the value of some financial companies’ securities has strengthened. Among them, Deutsche Bank (+ 0.92%), Unicredit (+ 0.5%), Societe Generale (+ 0.27%), Commerzbank (+ 0.26%), BNP Paribas (+0.25%) and Intesa Sanpaolo (+ 0.01%).


FTSE 100 Index

Dow Jones Industrial Average Index

IBEX 35 Index

On the other hand, it should be noted that Spanish companies were marked by negative dynamics, and by noon, the securities quotations of such financial structures as Banco Santander and BBVA had been in the red at 1.47%.
The value of the Deutsche Lufthansa AG securities has been appreciated, showing an increase by 2.85% due to positive signals from the company's management, which stated that it approved investment plans amounting to one billion euros for the purchase and leasing of 61 aircraft in order to update the fleet of its low-budget division Eurowings.
The quotations of Telecom Italia securities have been marked by a negative dynamics (-0.44%) after receiving signals indicating that the Italian authorities had begun the telephone company verification. The verification reason is the information indicating that the French media corporation Vivendi has acquired a controlling stake in Telecom Italia. As a result, the French corporation has also suffered, since it is most likely that penalty sanctions will follow. The value of Vivendi securities has depreciated by 0.51%.
The securities of the British air carrier EasyJet have sharply added as much as 4.52%, due to the fact that the public learned about the company's plans to develop a short-haul electric car in cooperation with American innovators from Wright Electric.
We have noted that the value of shares of mining companies on the UK stock market have been appreciated today, supporting the last week trend. The quotations of Anglo American securities have been in the black at 2.58%, Rio Tinto have added 1.57%; Glencore has been appreciated by 1.52%, while the quotations of BHP Billiton securities have been in the black at 1.03%.
The British financial companies have also noted positive trends. The value of Royal Bank of Scotland securities has been appreciated by 0.22%. Lloyds Banking securities have risen in price by 0.16%. HSBC Holdings PLC has a 0.09 percent share price. Only Barclays securities have not supported the trend, being depreciated by 0.10% at the end of the day.
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