Today, an interesting situation emerges on the binary options market of. The most profitable asset of the day will be oil and related products, since the negative reports of statisticians clearly indicate that this market managed to recover after the recent recession due to natural disasters in the US. The trading session on the Asia-Pacific region’s stock markets supports this statement. By the close of the session, the oil quotations have appreciated against the background of a decline in the volume of raw materials in US storage. In addition, the Turkish president's statement on his intention to block the export of raw materials from the Iraqi province of Kurdistan through the territory of Turkey has made a big impact on the market if the Kurdish autonomy declares its independence.
By the result of the day, futures contracts for the Brent Crude Oil have added 0.62%, to the mark of $ 58.80 per barrel. The futures contracts for US Light Brand WTI Crude Oil have been appreciated by 0.71%, to the level of $ 52.25 per barrel.

Brent Crude (ICE)

WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)

Another factor that influences the current growth of oil quotations can be called the belief of market participants that OPEC + 11 will be able to restore the balance of global demand and supply as a result of the actions taken within the framework of the agreement signed between members of the cartel and major world producers. According to the terms of the agreement (Oil Cut Deal), its action shall expire in March 2018; however, there are already talks about extending the terms of the agreement.
The US oil industry is recovering after the devastating hurricanes "Harvey" and "Irma", which have led to a decrease in weekly stocks of raw materials in storage. The statistics of the American Petroleum Institute (API) indicate that oil reserves fell by 761,000 barrels, to a level of 469.5 million over the past week. Experts' forecasts indicated that 3.4 million barrels of reserves should be strengthened. Now the market expects more accurate data that will become available when the official statistics of the Energy Information Administration (EIA) are published.

Natural Gas (Nymex)

More experienced experts of companies from the “List of the Best Binary Option Brokers” section believe that the most profitable asset in the market is oil now, since everything its quotations appreciation in the short and medium term. Investments in this asset will undoubtedly bring the expected return, so do not miss the opportunity to open positions.