The Monday’s trading session on the European stock market has been opened with the key indicators growth, which can be explained mainly by the optimism of traders, despite missile tests in North Korea and Russia's largest exercises at the borders of Poland.
Since the very beginning of the session, the composite index of the largest enterprises in the region, Stoxx Europe 600, has added 0.5%, approaching the mark of 382.6 points. This indicator has been the highest result since the end of June. The stock index FTSE 100 has appreciated today by 0.35%, the CAC 40 index has added 0.43%, DAX has appreciated by as much as 0.59%. Another important indicator of the European economy, the stock index Euro Stoxx 50 has appreciated by 0.49%.


Market players demonstrate their tendency to open risk positions, which indicates their optimism even against the backdrop of missile tests of North Korea and Russia's actions at the eastern borders of the NATO alliance, where the largest military exercises of various military divisions of Russia are now taking place, with the participation of strategic aviation, ground forces and the Military Navy fleet. In addition, yesterday the US Secretary of State announced that the state he represented did not see military solutions to the conflict with the DPRK, and prefers to negotiate, involving China as well.
Tomorrow the market will be influenced by the US Federal Reserve System, which will hold a meeting at which it may be decided to increase the interest rate in December this year.
An hour after the trading session start, the BAE Systems securities quotations have appreciated by 2.3%, due to the fact that the government of Qatar intends to purchase 24 multi-purpose fighters Eurofighter Typhoon. The order portfolio will exceed the $ 10 billion mark. The Ryanair’s, the air carrier, share price have been in the red at 3.4%, due to the company's intention to cancel 40 to 50 flights a day in the next six weeks to allow staff to take leave after a busy summer season. The value of securities of major gold mining companies Randgold and Fresnillo have depreciated by 0.3% and 1%, respectively, due to the fall in prices for the commodity asset "Gold". The shares of Next Plc have been in the red at 0.8%, while the Imperial Brands has lost 1.6%.
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