The stock market of Japan is strengthening today due to strong positions of the US dollar. The situation with the USD supports companies that are export oriented, which is why the main Japanese index Nikkei added the highest results in one-week session by the end of the session, setting a record for the last ten months. Even the launch of another ballistic missile in the DPRK, which flew over the island of Hokkaido, did not affect the mood of investors.

Nikkei 225

The Japan's main stock index had started the session unsuccessfully, but managed to regain the lost positions and even strongly added to the end of the day, gaining 0.5%, to the level of 19.909.50 points. In total, the Nikkei index has appreciated by 3.3% this week.
By the Friday’s trading session results, the Stock index Topix has reached the mark of 1.638.94 points, which means an increase by 0.4%. Yesterday, this figure was 1.642.56 points, which is its high for the two previous years.


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