The Tuesday’s trading session at the Wall Street stock exchanges was marked by the growth of key indicators to their record highs. Such impressive results have become possible thanks to the real take-off of the banking sector companies’ securities. It should be noted that the more significant indices appreciating has been restrained by the fall of quotations of securities of the technological giant Apple Inc. The "Apple" brand has been marked by negative dynamics even in spite of the fact that yesterday it released on the market new products from the smartphones line of iPhone: iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple Inc.

By the close of the Wall Street trading floors, the Dow Jones, S & P 500 and Nasdaq Composite stock indices had shown strong growth against the backdrop of market players' commitment to a risky investment policy and a willingness to invest more in high-margin assets. This policy is explained by the fact that traders and investors no longer take seriously the statements of the dictatorial regime of the DPRK and its threat to the USA. Also, the fact that the Irma hurricane has turned when approaching the Florida coast in a tropical storm and damage from its passage through the US is not as significant as meteorologists predicted, has increased the investors’ enthusiasm. It should be noted that eliminating the hurricanes and storms consequences means an additional impulse for the construction industry development, therefore, the experts advise to pay attention to companies from this sector.
As a result of Tuesday, the Dow Jones Stock Index appreciated to 22.118.86 points, gaining an impressive 0.28%. The S & P 500 Stock Index added to the level of 2.496.48 points, which means an appreciation by 0.34%. The Nasdaq Composite High-Tech Stock Index reached the level of 6.454.28 points, which means an appreciation by 0.34%.
Such a significant appreciation of the S & P 500 Index has become possible in large part due to the growth of quotations of the financial and banking spheres companies. At the same time, there has been a decline in such areas as real estate and utilities.
The quotations of securities of the IT-technologies giant, Apple Inc., fell by 0.4% yesterday, despite the excitement about entering the market for three new smartphones. At the moment, the price of one share has reached $ 160.86, although the price had previously reached $ 163.96. The tenth, jubilee version of the iPhone, which received the name iPhone X, will be available to buyers from November 3, 2017. The pre-order session starts on October 27. The cost of this model in the US market starts from $ 999.
The McDonald's quotations have depreciated by 3.2%, to their low of this month, against the background of unsatisfactory statistics in the third quarter of 2017 (Q3 2017). This factor has also caused the S & P 500 Stock Index to rise below the forecast level.

McDonald's Corp

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