On Thursday, the trading session on the Wall Street stock exchanges was marked by multidirectional, moderate dynamics. Market players did not want to risk the situation when a significant part of the media sector is in the red because of the losses of large companies. As a result, much of the investment was channeled into a more stable health sector.
By the trading session close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had gone into red at 0.1% and the S & P 500 had lost 0.02%. The Nasdaq Composite Index had added 0.07% by the results of the day. The Media sector of the S & P 500 stock index, whose listing includes the majority of companies from the media sector, had depreciated by 3.6%.

Dow Jones Industrial Average
NASDAQ Composite
S&P 500
It is interesting now to observe the dynamics of stock indices, assessing the impact of the approaching Irma hurricane. The strongest hurricane in the history of meteorological observations is now heading to the coast of Florida, which has been hit by the Harvey hurricane (Category IV) recently. Following the "Irma" three more hurricanes are approaching to the US,
Taking into account the destructive power of the natural elements, the quotes of securities of insurance companies are steadily falling, as they are most likely to be paid on their obligations to customers. As a result, the stock index of Dow Jones U.S. Insurance decreased by 1.9%. Optimism prevails in the healthcare sector, which makes the stock prices grow at an enviable rate.
The value of shares of companies such as AbbVie, Amazon, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Microsoft provided significant support to the NASDAQ stock market index.
The Thursday session was unsuccessful for securities of the companies such as Apple, General Electric, Comcast and Disney. The drop in quotations of these companies was the main reason for the decline in the indices of the Dow Jones and S & P 500.
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