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Nikkei 225, the main stock index of Japan, has closed the Monday’s trading session in the red zone
Yesterday, 00:46
Nikkei 225, the main stock index of Japan, has closed the Monday’s trading session in the red zone. The index has lost 0.62% since the stock exchange opening. The reason for the Nikkei 225 depreciation is the unsatisfactory statistics of the largest electric and gas companies, as well as the fall in securities quotations of enterprises operating in the pulp and paper industry and in the water supply sector. The volatility index, the Nikkei Volatility Index, has been appreciated up to the mark of 20.06 (+ 4.42%).
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Final results of the trading session on the stock exchanges of the Asia-Pacific region
While studying the final results of the trading session on the stock markets of the Asia-Pacific region, one can easily understand that the downtrend trend is dominant now. The companies from the energy sector have been affected to a greater extent and as a result of the quotation of securities traded mainly in the red zone. As an example, we should consider the Japan Petroleum shares dynamics, which have lost as much as 4% by the close of the session.
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Oil quotations dynamics at the moment is directly dependent on statistics from the United States
Studying the latest data from the oil market, the experts of companies from the "Top Binary Options Brokers" section have noted the fact that at this point the assets quotations depend more on statistics from the US, where reports on raw material volumes in the stores will be published soon. Now the press is actively circulating unofficial data, according to which oil reserves fell by 2.8 million barrels last week.
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Review of the dynamics of the major commodity assets quotations as of November 10, 2017
On Friday, November 10, 2017, by the beginning of the trading session on the leading European stock exchanges, a depreciation for the commodity asset "Gold" has been noted. During the auction on the COMEX, the December futures contracts for gold have fallen back to the level of $ 1.284.96 per troy ounce, which means a depreciation in quotations of 0.20% compared with the Thursday’s final mark. 
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Oil assets appreciating against the backdrop of rising tensions in Saudi Arabia
This week, the trading sessions have started quite quickly, marking an increase in the activity of traders in the oil market. By the close of the session on the Asian trading platforms, oil assets had been appreciated due to two main factors: a tense atmosphere in the royal family of Saudi Arabia and a decrease in drilling activity in the United States. In the first case, it should be noted that the crisis in the royal family of Saudi Arabia has been worsened after the death of eight dignitaries (including the Prince Mansour bin Mukrin) as a result of the helicopter craft.
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Quotations for the commodity asset "Gold" have been appreciated in anticipation of the appointment of a new Head of the US Federal Reserve System
In the course of trading on the commodity markets of the Asia-Pacific Region, the quotations for the commodity asset "Gold" have been appreciated, which is explained by the anxiety of traders who are waiting for the appointment of a new Head of the US Federal Reserve System. By the time of this article writing, futures contracts for gold, with delivery in December at the COMEX exchange, had been appreciated by 0.48%, reaching the mark of $ 1276.64 per troy ounce.
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Results of the trading session on Wall Street: major stock indexes closed in the "green zone"
The trading session on Friday at the Wall Street stock market was marked by the strengthening of the main indices due to the positive dynamics of companies from the sphere of high technologies and municipal services. In addition, we cannot fail to note the growth in profits of companies producing consumer goods.
By the close of trading on the Wall Street stock exchanges, the Dow Jones index strengthened by 0.14%, the S & P 500 index rose 0.81%, while the NASDAQ Composite gained 2.20%. The CBOE Volatility Index lost 13.01%, falling to the level of 9.83.

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Oil Quotations Dynamics on Asian Trading Floors as of October 25, 2017
Experts have noted that as of October 25, 2017, the dynamics of oil quotations on Asian trading floors is determined primarily by statistics of the American Petroleum Institute and the US Department of Energy. Also, the mood of the market participants was influenced by the recent statements of the Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Faliha, who assured investors that OPEC + 11 is determined to extend the terms of the agreement on reducing the volume of raw materials production (Oil Cut Deal) until the end of 2018.
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The results of the trading session on Monday in the stock markets of the Asia-Pacific region
On Monday, the trading session at the stock markets of the Asia-Pacific region was marked by the absence of sharp shifts in indicators, justifying the expectations of analysts. Of particular mention is the Nikkei 225 stock index, which, prompted by the convincing victory of the ruling coalition in the early elections to the lower house of the supreme legislative body of Japan, has already added the 15th session in a row.
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Trading Session Results on Friday in the Chinese Stock Market
The trading session on Friday at the stock market of China was marked by the growth of major indices. On the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shanghai Composite Index added 0.28% as compared to the results of Thursday, while the SZSE Component index, thanks to positive statistics in the high-tech sector, as well as in real estate increased by 0.44%. The volatility index of CBOE China Etf Volatility, has added 2.03%, gaining a foothold at the level of 17.62.
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Oil and Gold Quotations Dynamics as of October 16, 2017
The appreciation of quotations for major commodity assets: oil and gold has been noted as of October 16, 2017. The strengthening of the cost of oil and related products is mainly due to news from Iraq, where government troops are fighting against Kurdish armed formations (Peshmerga) in an effort to win back the raw-rich province of Kirkuk. In addition, the process of shaping the price of oil is now heavily influenced by statistics on drilling rigs in the US and a new round of tension between Donald Trump and the Iranian Republic.
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Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is expecting a change of its leadership. The current chairman of the company intends to resign
Today, the press service of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has announced that the company chairman, who simultaneously holds the post of deputy chairman of the board of directors, Kwon O Huyong, intends to resign. Against this background, the securities quotations of the Korean giant have gone into red. This news has only confirmed the rumors that at the moment the board is experiencing an acute shortage in a real leader, capable of giving a new impetus to the company after the CEO of Samsung Group was behind bars in the corruption case.
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Review of the European stock exchanges trading session as of Monday, October 9, 2017. What impact has the commodity market on the quotations of large British companies?
On Monday, the European stock exchanges trading sessions once again have demonstrated the fact that the EU economy engine is still the German economy. It should also be said that despite the apparent reluctance of the leaders of the separatist movement in Catalonia, more and more residents of the autonomy begin to express their disagreement about the position of the rebels to declare the independence of the region from Spain. Among other things, large autonomy companies expressed support for the central authorities, who announced that they intend to transfer their head offices and production facilities to other Spanish provinces.
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The last trading session of the week: oil and oil products quotations have stabilized in anticipation of the another tropical storm approach to the USA shores
The last trading session of the week has begun relatively calmly. The oil quotations have stabilized, reflecting the uncertainty of traders who do not want to risk against the background of news about the next tropical storm approach from the Gulf of Mexico to the USA shores. The quotations of the futures contracts for the benchmark Brent Crude Oil have gone to the red at 0.14%, to the mark of $ 56.92 per barrel, since the morning. The cost of futures contracts for the WTI Crude Oil have shown more optimism in the same time interval, gaining 0, 24%, to the mark of $ 50.67 per barrel.
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Stock indices of the European trading platforms demonstrate opposite trends amid the crisis in Spain
The trading session on Thursday at the European trading floors is characterized by opposite trends in stock indices. The main reason for such different dynamics is the crisis in Spain, caused by the position of the authorities of the autonomous province of Catalonia. Experts express the opinion that this crisis will most strongly influence tomorrow, during the Friday trading session.  
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The Spanish domestic political crisis had an extremely negative impact on the Spanish stock index IBEX 35 dynamics
In Spain, the biggest internal political crisis has been brewing since the death of Dictator Franco in 1975. On Sunday, in the Spanish province of Catalonia, a referendum, unrecognized by the central authorities of the country, was held, the results of which gave grounds to the government of the autonomy to declare its intention to proclaim independence from Spain. According to the Government of the Autonomous Province, more than 90% of voters supported the full sovereignty of Catalonia. It should be noted that most of the region's inhabitants did not take part in the plebiscite of independence from Spain, since it supports the position of the central authorities. According to the polls, only 41% of the inhabitants of the province favor separating the region from Spain.
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The oil market today have shown some weakness, standing out with the assets different dynamics
During the Friday’s trading session, the oil quotations have demonstrated the investors’ uncertainty, who are guided by opposite signals. On the one hand, the price of the Brent Crude Oil barrel rises against the backdrop of news about the possibility of extending the OPEC + 11 contract (Oil Cut Deal); on the other hand, the USA WTI Brand Crude Oil is losing its position, despite the works restoration at the Texas State refineries.
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