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Wednesday’s Trading Session Review in the Chinese Stock Market
Yesterday, 23:44
As a result of the Wednesday’s trading session in the Chinese stock market, the analysts have recorded a decline in the major indices, which is explained by negative statistics in strategically important sectors of the country's economy. The companies from the telecommunications, oil and gas industry, as well as the insurance field, have become the depreciation leaders today.
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Oil prices are steadily appreciating amid uncertainties regarding the deal with Iran
The Friday’s trading session in the Asia-Pacific commodity market was marked by the fact that the Oil prices have exceeded the $ 80 per barrel mark for the first time since 2014. Contrary to the increase in production in the USA, the quotations continue to be appreciated, which can be explained by the anxiety of investors amid uncertainties about the deal with Iran in the nuclear program.
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According to the influential American experts forecasts, Oil assets will invariably be appreciated in the medium term
Recent forecasts of the influential American experts convincingly prove that the world oil market will grow steadily in the medium term. The most important criteria ensuring the oil quotations appreciation are the tense situation in the most important regions of the world in terms of oil production, as well as the persistence of OPEC + 11 in the recovery of oil prices to above $ 100 per barrel.
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The Friday’s trading session results on the COMEX: Gold rises in price, the rest of the precious metals are in the red
By the closing moment of the Friday’s trading session on the COMEX commodity exchange (the New York Mercantile Exchange subdivision), the price of “Gold” asset contracts has been slightly appreciated. At the same time, the experts have noted a decline in quotations of all other precious metals, as well as of “Oil” and “Gas” commodity assets.
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Weak US currency has ensured the growth of the “Gold” commodity asset quotations in the course of trading at the NYMEX
Since investors are somewhat skeptical about the prospect of finding out today the timing of another increase in the US Federal Reserve System key rate, the traders’ attention at the NYMEX has been switched to the raw material "Gold". As a result, the prices for this precious metal have been appreciated, while the USD quotations have been significantly depreciated.  
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