The final trading session of the first week of trading in 2019 was marked by negative dynamics of gold prices, which lost several points after the publication of statistics on unemployment in the United States. The latest data showed that the percentage of employment of the working-age population in the country declined slightly, despite the fact that the United States in the last month of 2018 created at least 312 thousand new jobs. If this trend continues, it is possible that in the very near future we will see another increase in the interest rate of the Fed.

At the time of this writing, gold futures contracts with delivery in February during trading on the COMEX exchange fell 0.63% or 8.15 points, reaching $1,286.65 per troy ounce.

Gold (Comex)

Also, by the close of trading on COMEX, the following results were recorded: silver futures fell to $15.758 per troy ounce (-0.25% or 0.039 p.). Quotes on platinum added 3.43% or 27.40 points, entrenched at $826.70. The price of palladium reached the level of $1240.45 per troy ounce (+ 3.34% or 40.15 p.). Aluminum futures went up by 1.35% (+25.00 p.), reaching the level of $1881.

Silver (Comex)

As a rule, gold becomes cheaper in case of strengthening of quotations of the American dollar, since this noble metal is traded in US currency and sensitively reacts to any change in quotations. At the moment, all the attention of market participants is directed to the upcoming performance of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. We should not expect a sharp change in the policy of the head of the currency regulator, even if President D. Trump insists on this. But in any case, the probability of any changes remains high.

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