The last trading session of the week has begun relatively calmly. The oil quotations have stabilized, reflecting the uncertainty of traders who do not want to risk against the background of news about the next tropical storm approach from the Gulf of Mexico to the USA shores. The quotations of the futures contracts for the benchmark Brent Crude Oil have gone to the red at 0.14%, to the mark of $ 56.92 per barrel, since the morning. The cost of futures contracts for the WTI Crude Oil have shown more optimism in the same time interval, gaining 0, 24%, to the mark of $ 50.67 per barrel.

Brent Crude (ICE)

WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)

The second half of this trading week has been influenced by the latest statement of the Saudi Energy Minister, who positively assessed the readiness of the Russian Federation to support the decision on the extension of the validity period of the OPEC + 11 Pact (Oil Cut Deed) on limiting oil production. According to the current agreement, the term of the pact is coming to an end in March 2018.
However, now more and more experts are urging investors to pay attention to the fact that another storm called "Nate" is gaining strength in the Gulf of Mexico, which has every chance to become a hurricane. It moves towards the US territory, and is quite capable of causing serious damage to the oil industry in the region, and also has a devastating impact on the oil refinery infrastructure in Texas. It is for this reason that most of the oil platforms operating in the Gulf of Mexico, of such companies as Exxon Mobil, Statoil, Chevron and BP, have interrupted the work process and evacuated all their employees.
In addition, on the coast of Louisiana, the Alliance refinery has been suspended, which processes over 247,000 barrels of oil a day. Only backup equipment that is reliably protected in the face of the elements and, if necessary, can help with the aftermath of the hurricane was left in working order.  
We would like to remind that due to the devastating hurricane "Harvey" that passed through Texas in August of this year more than 30% of all US refineries were disabled. The storm "Nate" is likely to reach the US territory this weekend. If the forecasts of meteorologists come true, and it grows into a category of hurricanes, another serious destruction of America's oil infrastructure in the Gulf region is imminent.
For example, the BP management has already instructed to stop all work on the oil and natural gas extraction on its platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The Anadarko Petroleum also decided not to risk the health and life of its employees, evacuating all employees from the region. However, not all companies wanted to follow basic safety requirements, and continue oil and gas processing on the Gulf Coast, believing that their location ensures safety during the hurricane
The experts of the world oil market are of the opinion that a decrease in the volume of raw materials extraction in the Gulf of Mexico, caused by the another devastating hurricane consequences, will have strong support for the raw materials quotations in the short term. For example, following the yesterday's results, the barrel of the benchmark Brent Crude Oil gained 2.2% to the mark of $ 57.
At the moment, the oil market can get support from the American economy, after the publication of statistics on the number of jobs outside the agricultural sector in the United States. These signals can become a support for the US dollar quotations growth, which will inevitably affect the dynamics of oil prices. In addition, the attention should be paid to the statistics of the existing oil drilling rigs in the country.
The cost of futures contracts for the natural gas has been strengthened today, following the trend. During the trading session on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the November futures for natural gas have reached the mark of $ 2,910 per million BTU (British Thermal Units), which means an increase by 0.44%. The support level for this asset is now at the mark of $ 2,880, while the $ 3,025 level serves as a resistance point. The November futures contract for fuel oil has added 0.29%, gaining a foothold at the level of $ 1.7915 per gallon.

Natural Gas (Nymex)

The USD index future, which shows the strength of the US dollar against the weighted average trading basket of the six major world currencies, has gained 0.12%, reaching the mark of 93.88 dollars.
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