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Online platform for automated trading ZuluTrade

The online platform for automated trading ZuluTrade, created in 2007 by Leon Iohay, allows traders to use the signals of experienced, professional traders of the binary options market and Forex to manage accounts automatically with the world's largest brokers. Using the services of the automatic ZuluTrade system, traders will no longer have to learn the secrets of the functioning of exchanges for years or follow every minute of the markets, as hundreds of well-known financial experts from around the world will do this work for him! All you need to do is to choose a suitable trader, and ZuluTrade will quickly be able to turn their advice into a real trade transaction on your behalf! By the way, the platform works absolutely free of charge, therefore, do not waste time, start and you receive signals for the acquisition and sale of various assets from the world's leading traders.

The platform for automatic trading ZuluTrade was able to combine the availability of information and analytical materials on the situation in the money markets and trade execution, using as an example of the transaction the most experienced and successful traders from around the world. In addition, this automatic trading platform makes it possible to use its capabilities to transmit signals to broker platforms that are open for receiving these signals.

How to get started with ZuluTrade?

In order to get started with the best-automated platform for online trading, you should provide ZuluTrade with your name and account number of your broker, with whom you are trading on the market. If you intend to combine the recommendations of our analysts with your brokerage account, you should declare your agreement to the broker.

In the event that for the first time you are going to start online trading in binary options or in the Forex market and you have not had a trading account yet with any of the existing brokers that is combined with the automatic platform ZuluTrade, then, first of all, you need to open a new account.

If you have an account with one of the ZuluTrade partners, then simply follow the instructions of the installation wizard. As soon as your broker notifies you that the changes have been made, you will receive a message stating that you can start using all the functions of ZuluTrade. The whole process usually does not last more than 2 days.

Which currencies can be used to open a trading account with ZuluTrade?

When opening a trading account in ZuluTrade, customers should choose between the following currencies: USD, JPY, EUR, GBP and AUD.

Who can become a trader of ZuluTrade? By what principle are they selected for the platform?

The most interesting thing is that any person can become a trader of the automatic system ZuluTrade. This system is created on a special principle, which completely excludes the possibility of distortion of the results of signal execution. Thus, it is always possible to find out the exact statistics of each trader, and at the same time, be sure, this is the most accurate information, since all the figures are confirmed by the broker's data. The ratings of traders in the binary options and Forex market are calculated by the ZuluRank algorithm, which takes into account only the trading results.

A few more interesting features of the automatic trading platform ZuluTrade...

Among the distinctive features of ZuluTrade, an automatic platform for online trading, it should be noted first of all the possibility of opening different types of institutional accounts, depending on the volume of the proposed trade.

A very interesting fact lies also in that the ZuluTrade platform independently decides whether to perform transactions on the trading account of traders automatically while using secure direct connections to the broker's server, completely excluding any human intervention. It is for this reason that traders do not need to keep their computer on constantly, as all the work will be done by the system. 

And as a final touch, it should be noted that the use of the automatic ZuluTrade system excludes any possibility of using your funds by unauthorized persons, since the broker, always transferring funds only to the owner's account, is the one who opened this trading account, hence all information about it is available only to you and your broker.

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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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Binary Options, CFDs, FOREX, Indices, Gold, Silver

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Yes, MAM/PAMM accounts

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Credit/Debit card, Bank wire transfer, E-wallets

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Credit/Debit card, Bank wire transfer, E-wallets


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