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Trading binary options on gold

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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Gold as an asset of Binary Options Trading

Gold is one of the underlying assets, which are traded on the binary options market. The reason for its immense popularity among traders is very simple - the high volatility. In addition, the demand of this asset can be explained by a fairly easy prediction of the prices dynamics, which are closely linked to the oil price and the level of stability of the world’s economic system. In simple words, the worse the situation in the market is, the more expensive gold is, and vice versa. Gold is one of the main safe assets, and for this reason, people invest into it, when they should insure their savings from the turmoil in the banking or financial sector. In addition, there is nothing better for your well-being during the political turmoil, than the stock of gold bullions. As you can see, it is very simple to forecast demand for the precious metal. Nevertheless, not everyone has the opportunity to buy such an expensive metal (due to its high cost), but the gold trade in the market for binary options traders is a truly profitable business.

Advantages of binary options on gold

Binary options on gold have become popular among traders at once, for the simple reason that before the start of trading, you can accurately predict all of the risks, as the asset is not prone to sudden changes in prices. In addition, trading binary options does not require from the bidders to have large sums of money - you can trade even with the small capital. Gold for binary options traders is like pasta for the Italians - even if everything falls apart, the asset will still be traded, following a predictable pattern.

The gold binary options trading strategy involves a good knowledge of the situation on the financial and political world arena. The yield on this asset in the average hovers around 85%, and depends on your broker. You can check, which trading platform offers the best terms of binary options on gold trading, using our unique service – the "Table of interest payments comparisons on trading assets." Both beginners and experienced traders tend to trade, using the following options: One touch / No-Touch, High / Low, and Call / Put.

Where is it better trade gold using binary options?

If you have asked yourself the question, where it is better trade gold using binary options, it means that you wake up the spirit of the entrepreneur! First of all, you should find the best binary options and an appropriate broker, using the "Top Binary Options Brokers." We recommend the excellent IQ Option trading platform, which helps you to gain the necessary experience through the demo version. In the demo version, you trade with virtual money, for free, learning all the intricacies of the work as a trader. An excellent opportunity for the beginning market players! Remember, the gold trade for binary options traders is one of the main sources of income, so take special care very seriously to this work, following the advice of your broker, using high-quality signals, and, most importantly, learn to work more efficiently constantly! This is the main secret of success, rather than market conditions!

So, is the binary options trading with gold advantageous?

The gold for the binary options market is one of the basic and the most profitable assets. However before you start trading with gold, learn the basics of working principles. In addition, one should consider the fact that without the constant analysis of the general state of the market, you will not succeed. You just have to monitor the economic and political news, to take into account your broker forecasts (as a rule, the more authoritative it is, the better its signals are), and use trading strategies properly.

By following these simple rules, trading binary options on gold will bring you a stable and very high income, every day, all year round!

Market Analysis
OPEC+11 agreement has been extended for another six months

As a result of long negotiations, a decision was reached to extend the terms of the OPEC+11 agreement for another six months. The parties to this agreement reached a consensus on all aspects of the clause, which refers to a decrease in oil production by 1.2 million barrels per day.

Oil prices expectedly dropped by the end of trading on European markets

On Friday, at the time of the end of trading on European sites, oil prices expectedly fell, confirming the forecasts of experts. In the course of trading on the COMEX exchange (a division of the New York Mercantile Exchange), January futures contracts for US crude oil reached $50.70 a barrel, which means a decline of 1.46% or 0.75 points.

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